Pass struct from module to distributed worker

For Pluto.jl, I’m trying to pass a struct from a module on the main process to a distributed worker (Return a `Rich` object instead of `Dict` for `show_richest` by rikhuijzer · Pull Request #2139 · fonsp/Pluto.jl · GitHub). Currently, this doesn’t work so Dicts and NamedTuples are passed. To fix that, the following is a MWE of what I would like to do:

using Distributed: Distributed, @everywhere

const Distributed_expr = :(
    Base.loaded_modules[Base.PkgId(Base.UUID("8ba89e20-285c-5b6f-9357-94700520ee1b"), "Distributed")]

pid = Distributed.remotecall_eval(Main, 1, quote
    $(Distributed_expr).addprocs(1) |> first

module M
    struct T
    f(x::Int) = T(x)

@everywhere pid using .M

t = M.f(1)
@info t

Distributed.remotecall_eval(Main, [pid], quote
    @info M.plus_one($t)

This gives various errors currently. Anyone knows how to get something like this to work?

The main problem is that, in Pluto, the distributed workers all load PlutoRunner via include(...). This works, but when you pass a struct from the main process to a remote worker, then it will fail with errors such as

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching f(::Pluto.PlutoRunner.Rich)
Closest candidates are:
  f(::Main.PlutoRunner.Rich) at REPL[1]:1