Pass data structures across different versions of Julia?

I have one piece of code I don’t control in Julia 0.3.12. I have another piece of code that I control that I would like to keep with roughly the latest julia. I need these pieces of code to exchange data fast. For example, I want to be able to send dictionaries, and ideally identical compound types/structs between the processes. (I can get by without the types/structs but dictionaries are important.) Performance is very important.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to effectively serialize things? Would you use HDF5?

I was going to use TCPSocket communication to actually send the data. Would anyone do anything differently?


You should try JLD.jl. If that does not work, you’ll probably need to write a custom writer/reader. HDF5 would be fine for that. Also, write the file to a RAM-disk for performance. But honestly, it might be quickest to port the 0.3 code to 0.6.