Parsing Float64 as Float64


Reading data from various excel files, sometimes it is correctly formatted as a Float, sometimes it is interpreted as a string.

If I account for the second case, I must use parse(Float64, input). Using this code in the first case gives the error

no method matching parse(::Type{Float64}, ::Float64)

It seems odd that the parser cannot interpret a Float64 number as… a Float64 number.

The workaround is to tediously reproduce code for both instances, whereas accepting Float64 as an argument means the same code would work either way.


It looks like parse is only for converting strings into numbers, and doesn’t work on any other type (for that, you could use convert instead).

This is a little hacky, but you could try turning everything into a string first?

parse(Float64, string(x))
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That’s probably this issue:

You can do x -> x isa Number ? x : parse(Float64, x)

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I think it’s good that parsing is restricted to strings, but you can make your own parsing function that is more lenient. This one always accepts a value of type T as is if we’re parsing that T. One could think of even more lenient variants:

sloppy_parse(::Type{T}, x::T) where T = x
sloppy_parse(T, x) = parse(T, x)