Parsing CSV files where numbers may have thousand separators and a percentage symbol

I am trying to load a csv file using CSV.jl. The file looks like the following

"Date, Vol, Change"
"Sep 30, 2019","6,688.30","-0.41%"
"Sep 27, 2019","6,716.10","0.58%"
"Sep 26, 2019","6,677.60","-0.49%"

Although I am able to parse the date using DateFormat("u dd, yyyy"), so far I have been unable to find a way to parse numbers with thousand separators (e.g. parse.(Float64, Data[1,2]) errors) and percentage symbol.

Thank you for any help!

In julia separators are represented by _, e.g:

julia> 6_000.30

but parse doesn’t seem to like it, so you can probably do this:

julia> parse(Float64, replace("6,688.30", ',' => ""))
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