Parser deprecation warning

I’m trying to implement a deprecation warning in the parser. I think I’ve found the function to do it with, parser-depwarn. But it doesn’t appear to emit anything to the REPL. If I replace it with an error call, the error triggers and shows in the REPL, so the code path must be used.

Is there a different function I should be using? Or are warnings turned off in a default build?

@jeff.bezanson is the expert on this. We haven’t had any syntax depreciations in a while but you can look at the 0.7 code to see what the correct usage was.


Oh duh, it was right in front of me in jlfrontend.scm. Just needed to tune my eyeballs.

And ahhh, looks like it was turned off by default 5 months ago, to make packages with deprecation warnings run without warnings:

That seems potentially problematic?

The suggestion was that devs just had to run with --depwarn=yes, but I couldn’t find that at all by searching the documentation.

Is it possible to toggle them on/off within the REPL? And why can’t the end user just turn them off if it is a problem for their specific use, rather than create a silent failure mode for developers?

Or perhaps when depwarn=no, Julia could just track that there was at least one deprecation warning, emit that fact to let the user know they can turn on depwarns to see the details, but be silent about the rest during that process’s lifetime?

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Created an issue for this:

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