Pardiso library was not loaded?

I have installed MKL, MKLSparse, Pardiso. However, when I write PardisoSolver(), it gives error. I did not know how to install a working PARDISO library. Can you please guide me?

>> ] status
MKL v0.5.0
MKLSparse v1.1.0
Pardiso v0.5.4

>> ] build Pardiso
    Building Pardiso → `C:\Users\path\to\build.log`
Precompiling project...

julia> ps = PardisoSolver()
ERROR: pardiso library was not loaded

MKLPardiso exists by default, but Pardiso itself does not unless you do the side installation. The instructions are here:

Note LinearSolve.jl’s high level interface only uses MKLPardiso for this reason.

Maybe just stick to MKLPardiso then? Sounds like it’s no longer available

No Pardiso.jl ships the MKLPardiso solver so you don’t have to do any installation for that one to work.

Just do ps = MKLPardisoSolver() instead

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Don’t do the KLU factorization first.

ps = MKLPardisoSolver()
A = sparse(rand(10, 10))
B = rand(10, 2)
X = zeros(10, 2)
solve!(ps, X, A, B)

There is not.

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Do you have a standard Julia installation from Download Julia ?

Yes, and my version is Julia Version 1.8.0-beta1