Parametron conflicts with Gurobi

I tried to use Parametron.jl to solve a “parameterized family” of optimization problems (please see below)

However, the inclusion of the package Parametron on Julia (v. 1.7.2) creates a problem with the package of Gurobi (so as other solvers e.g. GLPK). It seems that Parametron conflicts with the solvers. Basically, I can no longer run any simulation, even if I do not use Parametron anymore.

Do you experience any of these issues? Thanks for helping me out.



It looks like the package has not been updated in over two years, based around Julia 0.7 and so it will likely have some incompatibility with the latest version of Gurobi. You could try instantiating or pinning the Gurobi version to match the version in Parametron based on its Project.toml file?

@tkoolen ?

Thanks. Unfortunately I may need to use the latest Gurobi version. Is there any other recent function that replaced Parametron?
The possibility of updating the parameters’ constraints is essential in optimization. I wonder why the Julia community has not taken care of this properly.

You can use set_normalized_coefficient and set_normalized_rhs in JuMP to update coefficients without using Parametron.

Other packages are GitHub - JuliaStochOpt/ParameterJuMP.jl: A JuMP extension to use parameter in constraints RHS and GitHub - jump-dev/ParametricOptInterface.jl: Extension for dealing with parameters