Parallel HDF5 settings

I am trying to use parallel HDF5 for my MPI I/O jobs. However, the test from the “” fails with the following message:

“HDF5.jl has no parallel support. Make sure that you’re using MPI-enabled HDF5 libraries, and that MPI was loaded before HDF5. See HDF5.jl docs for details.”

Since I am a user of a server, I cannot use the sudo apt command to install libhdf5-mpich-dev. Are there some ways to find or install the correct hdf5 library for my parallel HDF5 jobs?

Thank you for your supports.

A very quick answer - to install packages like that look at Easybuild and Spack

However, there is a better way. Bring cookies to your system administrators.
They will know about the filesystems available on this systems and the best way to use them. In fact that example uses mpich - you really need to talk to the admins and ask what the MPI versions and storage filesystems you have available.
Also ask if the system uses containers.