Pandas value_counts() equivalent in base Julia or in Data frame package?

I am interested in Datascience and now i am using Julia for Data analysis with python.
I have a question,
How can we get the count of each categorical values in an array(dataframe subset) in Julia?

For. Eg.

we should get answer like this from a dataframe ‘df’,

cat 4
dog 5
cow 4

Thank you

Here are two ways:

julia> using DataFrames, StatsBase

julia> df = DataFrame(x = rand('a':'d', 100));

julia> countmap(df.x)
Dict{Char, Int64} with 4 entries:
  'c' => 23
  'a' => 25
  'd' => 25
  'b' => 27

julia> combine(groupby(df, :x), nrow => :count)
4×2 DataFrame
 Row │ x     count
     │ Char  Int64
   1 │ c        23
   2 │ a        25
   3 │ b        27
   4 │ d        25

The first is a generic way which works everywhere and for all vectors but requires a different package, while the second is DataFrames specific and only uses the functionality already available in DataFrames.