PackageCompiler and modules



I’m trying to compile an old Julia 0.6 code of mine with PackageCompiler and I’m running into trouble with the following situation:

module M
type A a end
export A

using M

Base.@ccallable function julia_main(ARGS::Vector{String})::Cint
    a = A(1.0) ## works
    path1 = string(@__DIR__, "/file1.jl")
    path2 = string(@__DIR__, "/file2.jl")
    file1 = open(path1, "w")
    write(file1, "type B field::M.A end")
    file2 = open(path2, "w")
    write(file2, "type B field::A end")
    include(path1) ## works
    include(path2) ## fails
    return 0

I can use A fine in julia_main if calling it directly. Loading file1.jl works but not file2.jl, I get the following error:

fatal: error thrown and no exception handler available.
LoadError(at "/Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/examples/file2.jl" line 1: UndefVarError(var=:A))
rec_backtrace at /Applications/ (unknown line)
jl_throw at /Applications/ (unknown line)
jl_undefined_var_error at /Applications/ (unknown line)
eval at /Applications/ (unknown line)
do_call at /Applications/ (unknown line)
eval at /Applications/ (unknown line)
eval at /Applications/ (unknown line)
eval_body at /Applications/ (unknown line)
jl_toplevel_eval_body at /Applications/ (unknown line)
jl_toplevel_eval_flex at /Applications/ (unknown line)
jl_parse_eval_all at /Applications/ (unknown line)
jl_load_ at /Applications/ (unknown line)
include_from_node1 at /Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/builddir/module.dylib (unknown line)
jlcall_include_from_node1_1175 at /Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/builddir/module.dylib (unknown line)
include at /Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/builddir/module.dylib (unknown line)
julia_main at /Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/builddir/module.dylib (unknown line)
julia_main at /Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/builddir/module.dylib (unknown line)
main at /Users/plppplp/.julia/v0.6/PackageCompiler/./builddir/module (unknown line)

In practice module M is huge and I can’t really afford to specify M. in front of all variables from module M in included files. This code worked fine without using PackageCompiler. Is there any way to make PackageCompiler understand I’m referring to variables from module M…?

Many thanks!


What happens if you add using M; in file2.jl and, alternatively, if you rename of B to something else ?


Thanks for the suggestion! I should have tried it by myself… So yes, using M at the beginning of each included file seems to work. I’m currently trying to figure out if this is a viable option for my project, but I think it will be.


I am not sure why that works, glad that it does :slight_smile: It may be that when compiling, scoping rules change a bit… It may be a limitation or bug.