Package to validate X.509 certificates

Hi All,

I was looking for a Julia package that can validate X.509 certificates. Has anyone developed any for the same? Or the approach will be to query the underlying MBedSSL (armSSL) library directly?



Yeah, I would definitely look at MbedTLS.jl; I’m sure there are some utilities there and if not, I’m happy to accept a PR there.

Added for the same.

MbedTLS as a library is pretty limited in functionality in comparison to OpenSSL. For example, PKCS#7 (CMS envelope), V3 extensions are not exposed by the APIs. For things like CRLDistributionPoint or Authority Information Access or OCSP info kind of data needs significant hand coding to extract. While it may have functional completeness from a TLS standpoint, it may not be the best library for X509 operations. It may be a good idea to resurrect the OpenSSL library packages purely for the crypto and X509 modules.