Package in format Zip

How to proceed with the zip file that is in*/PkgName.jl, as shown in the figure:
I downloaded it from the site and unpacked it
and use the following command and I get the following alert

(v1.0) pkg> add C: \ Users \ hermesr \ Downloads \ ApproxFun.jl
   Updating registry at `C: \ Users \ hermesr \ .julia \ registries \ General`
   Updating git-repo `https: // / JuliaRegistries / General.git`
    Cloning git-repo `C: \ Users \ hermesr \ Downloads \ ApproxFun.jl`
ERROR: Git repository not found at 'C: \ Users \ hermesr \ Downloads \ ApproxFun.jl'

What is the correct way to proceed?

You should just do

(v1.0) pkg> add ApproxFun

Julia will know what to do as it is a registered package. If the package is not registered do

(v1.0) pkg> add

Never you need to download the zip.


I begin to familiarize myself with Julia and everything that has to do with Git:
Please could you explain the second command line

It is documented:

Open julia REPL and type ] add ApproxFun

@HerAdri Have you been able to download the package?
The point @mauro3 makes is that for a package which is registered you can add the package easily using the pkg> add command

For a package which is not registered - perhaps someone has pointed you towards a package which is very new, then you can use the git mechanism to download it directly from a git repository.
This git repository does not need to be on Github itself - for instance you could have local repositories within your company. This would help with your firewall/proxy problems!

You can also give the exact git branch name, or the master branch, to the git add.
HOWEVER - be careful here. Normally you use the default version which is registered.

ALso it is worth discussing the β€˜dev’ keyword. If you wish to include the source code and the build scripts into your Juli ainstallation, for the purposes of developing that package - for example just to see the source code on your machine, or to alter it to add functionality or fix a bug then the dev keyword will add the source code into the directory ~/.julia/dev

I hope that was clear.