Package getting large - can it be made smaller?



Looking at the disk space used by one of my packages, it looks like nearly ⅔ is taken up with .git stuff:


$ du
297400	./.git
190584	./docs
448	./src
600	./test

Although it’s not a problem for me (and “We all have lots of disk space these days” - Stefan) it might be a problem in some environments, such as JuliaBox, where disk space is valuable.

So can this .git stuff be trimmed, slimmed down, or reduced in any way?

(I’ve already run a few basic git commands such as git gc --aggressive --prune=all. It made very little impact.)


I think the package manager systematically downloads the full git history of packages. This was explicitly mentioned as a shortcoming of the current system in, I don’t know if the planned Pkg3 will address this.


Yes, Pkg3 will address this:


Good to know. I couldn’t run Pkg.update() in JuluaBox because I ran out of space… :slight_smile: