Package for Date/Time Interval boolean operators?

Hello. I’m curious if anyone is working on interval operators, particularly regarding dates, and especially ones that match interval operators of the Clinical Quality Language. These operators include during (or included in), overlaps, before, after and many other expressions that yield a boolean result given two intervals, or a timepoint and an interval. I see Intervals.jl and IntervalSets.jl. Anyone working on something more specific to date/time intervals that perhaps specializes one of these libraries?

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I’d be interested in that as well, but I assumed that Intervals.jl could be used for that or for pirating to that end.

I am not sure if that helps, but in IntervalArithmetic.jl we have things like >, <, which somehow mimic the functions you are looking for. For instance, after may correspond to >: 1..2 > -1 .. 0 returns true.