Package documentation: the left edge of the plot is missing

I have a strange issue with package documentation. The left edge of the plots and x titles are missing. these plots are generated directly by code within the @example block.

Note: I’m opening it on Microsoft Edge. Opened on different PCs and mobile - all the same.

Tutorials · PortfolioAnalytics.jl (

If I open the same documentation via the Juliahub, it is fine.

Tutorials · PortfolioAnalytics.jl (

Not sure if this can be solved? I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Try something like plot(...;

thanks very much for the advice. Unfortunately, it did not work.

plt = Plots.plot(plt_objective, decision_space; layout = (2, 1); # hide

The function gives an error when is added.

I found the issue. Added the below line to the documentation.yml file.

GKSwstype: "100"

Syntax · Documenter.jl (

Everything is fine now.
Functions · PortfolioAnalytics.jl (