Package dependency to an unregistered version of a registered package

I have a module (package) that has as a dependency a forked version of a registered module. How I can specify this dependency and how I can point to the forked version of the registered module on Github in the Project.toml file.

you do


Or if you have your brach clone locally and in development you can do


Note that this will only persist though your Manifest.toml.
and it won’t be possible to load your package as a depenency of another package (unless you also add the branch you need to that one following the above).
And so you won’t be able to regiter a release of your package
(registered packages can only depend on other registered packages)

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this is my issue; one of the packages I use in my registered package is registered but outdated; its version dependencies conflict with the version dependencies of other packages which were recently updated and i use; I did PR but no response

But i need to fix this conflict to register a new version.