Package compiler with Visual Studio C

I’m trying to us PackageCompiler.jl to make a stand-alone C library. I’ll use it on linux eventually, but right now I’m trying to test it out in Visual Studio 2019.

None of the examples seem to talk about setting things up to work with dll’s in Visual Studio. There are no .lib files generated by the package compiler. How do I make the dlls usable by a simple C-program? Do I need to manually load them? None of the examples seem to talk about this that I have seen.

The help talks about putting the DLLs on the path? Is there a way to do that in Visual Studio Project preferences? I don’t really want to litter my path with PackageCompiler directories, it makes a lot of dlls.

I feel like I’m doing something completely incorrect here.

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Have you considered using MSYS2 or using mingw32 in Visual Studio?

For the .lib problem try:

I got it to work on WSL with ubunto. But we are having trouble using the package compiler on Centos7 with gcc 4.8.

It doesn’t seem like the required dependencies are consistent at this link.

The link you provided says it needs gcc 5.1. Could you provide the error message you are encountering when you say it does not work?