Orientation of 3d globe makie

I am plotting a global data product on a 3d globe using Makie using with code below (sorry for not making this reproducible):

m = uv_normal_mesh(GeometryBasics.Tesselation(Sphere(Point3f0(0), 6371000f0), 200))
scene = mesh(m,                                                                    
             color = some_global_data_product,
             colorrange = ...,                                            
             colormap = cmap,                                                      
             shading = true,                                                       
             show_axis = false)                                                    

I want to add some additional information, but my data is rotated 180° around the z-axis compared to the globe. Instead of rotating all my additional data, I would rather rotate the globe. Any idea how to do it?