Oracle DBI driver


Sorry you find that a turnoff, but, the same sentiment can be expressed saying There are no known crashing bugs in JavaCall, but there are no warranties in open source software. I suppose this is a “glass half full” situation :slight_smile:

But seriously, since this was written a couple of years ago, I’ve not had any reports of memory corruption.


That’s encouraging!

In fact, given such observation I would argue to remove that statement entirely. There’s no 100% bug free software and if anyone bump into such a problem it would definitely surface and become visible.


Any news here? :slight_smile:





I’m looking at the readme and I’m wondering if there is a simple extract to dataframe command.

Something like

data = Oracle.query(conn, "select * from table")


Hi Felipe,

This is great, thanks! I’m excited by the possibilities for this. I’ve added some thoughts as comments or issues, feel free to use or disregard as you see fit.




There is collect(Oracle.query(...)), but the result is not a DataFrame. I’ll add some methods to make it easier to convert to DataFrame, but I’ll avoid a dependency on DataFrames in this package.

Now this will return an instance of ResultSet. It will fetch all data from the query.

data = Oracle.query(conn, "select * from table")

There’s also the original implementation that is stream-based:

Oracle.query(conn, "select * from table") do cursor
    for row in cursor


Thanks for the quick work

But I’m still getting this error when running the first command

data = Oracle.query(conn, "select * from table")
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching query(::Oracle.Connection, ::String)

But the stream based command does work

Oracle.query(conn, "select * from table") do cursor ...


It’s currently on branch raw. :smile:
There are some things to do before merging the new query method to master.

Merged to master. I updated the Readme file with an example.


Thanks! It would be great to allow Windows OS in a future update.