`optimizer_with_attributes` failing when called inside a module

Hi folks,

I am having some problems getting some code to run inside a module. It runs fine when run directly in the REPL. Here is it:

    mod_name = Symbol("HiGHS")
    @eval using $mod_name
    mod = getproperty(@__MODULE__, mod_name)
    solver = optimizer_with_attributes(mod.Optimizer)

This runs as expected in the REPL, but inside a module I get:

ERROR: LoadError: The provided `optimizer_constructor` is invalid. It must be callable with zero arguments. For example, "Ipopt.Optimizer" or "() -> ECOS.Optimizer()". It should not be an instantiated optimizer like "Ipopt.Optimizer()" or "ECOS.Optimizer()". (Note the difference in parentheses!)
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What are you trying to do? Messing with eval is usually discouraged

Thanks for the reply - turns out use of eval somewhere else was why my code wasn’t working thus providing a very nice example of why what you say is very true :slight_smile: