Opening a file in VS Code

I’ve just installed a Julia package, and now I’d like to open one of its functions to see how it works.

In Matlab, if a function is anywhere in the file path, I could open it via

open myfunction.m

or I could specify the directory with something like

open Users/myname/path/to/myfunction.m

Is there an equivalent Julia command to open a file from the REPL?

Another way to open files in Matlab is to navigate to them in the Current Folder window and double-click on the file. In the Julia workspace in VS Code I’m expecting to be able to double click on these Julia functions to open them, but when I try, nothing happens:

I feel like I must be missing something obvious–Is there a way to open Julia functions?

@edit myfun(x) will (usually) take you to the definition of a method.

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The screenshot does not show the file explorer, but the Julia workspace (objects in the current session). click on the top icon of the left sidebar ( the one marked with “1” in your screenshot).