OpenFoam blockMesh output as Trixi input

What is require for Trixi to read the meshes that blockMesh in OpenFoam generates?

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I think the easiest way would be finding an existing tool that offers conversion of this blockMesh format to e.g. .msh or .inp format.

Hmm. I rather go from OpenFoam ldu-mesh format directly to whatever Trixi requires. This might not be the easiest, but possibly the most productive on longer term. I have worked on mesh conversion from OpenFoam in the past. Talk more off-line?

So Trixi.jl requires the mesh in .inp format with boundary information supplied as Nodesets.

We provide one tutorial which goes the full way of explaining how a user can use Gmsh to create a Trixi.jl - conforming mesh.

Furthermore, we present also some more information on how to use an existing mesh and tweak it such that Trixi.jl can digest the boundary conditions.