Open zip file with non UTF-8 encoding

Hi all,

I want to download a file and unzip the only file in the archive to feed a CSV.File (Energy data for a France region fromô
I know that the unzipped content is encoded in Windows-1252. I have been able to download, unzip and other files from the same source.
When I manually open (using my computer OS) the archive, it seems that the problematic archive has non-UTF8 character in the file name within the archive (not only in the unzipped archive content).

using ZipFile, HTTP

dl_buffer = IOBuffer(HTTP.get("", retries=10).body)

But I get an error:

ERROR: ArgumentError: Invalid utf8 string: UInt8[]
 [1] utf8_validate(vec::Vector{UInt8})
   @ ZipFile ~/.julia/packages/ZipFile/6aqG6/src/ZipFile.jl:206
 [2] _getfiles(io::IOBuffer, diroffset::UInt32, nfiles::UInt16)
   @ ZipFile ~/.julia/packages/ZipFile/6aqG6/src/ZipFile.jl:359
 [3] ZipFile.Reader(io::IOBuffer, close_io::Bool)
   @ ZipFile ~/.julia/packages/ZipFile/6aqG6/src/ZipFile.jl:108
 [4] ZipFile.Reader(io::IOBuffer)
   @ ZipFile ~/.julia/packages/ZipFile/6aqG6/src/ZipFile.jl:116
 [5] top-level scope
   @ ~/Desktop/training-raphael-julia/main.jl:15

Any idea on how to open it correctly?

Problem solved. I have used InfoZIP package and it works like a charm.
But I still have no clear reason of why this difference.