Only 1 thread available in code-server

Hello, I moved to code-server development (under JupyterHub), but I can’t get more than 1 thread.
I don’t have the option in the Julia extension setting, and if I manually edit the Settings.json with "julia.NumThreads": 8 (copied from my VS Code desktop) I still have only 1 thread, any thought about it ?
@benz0li : do you have the same issue on your infrastructure ?

You need to change that setting in the remote tab (should be at the top of the settings page).


With JupyterHub[1], I recommend setting environment variable JULIA_NUM_THREADS, i.e. add -e JULIA_NUM_THREADS=8 to the docker run command.

This sets the maximum number of threads not only when using Julia in code-server but also when working with a Notebook, Console or Terminal in JupyterLab.

  1. especially when containerised ↩︎

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