Online Meetup: Distributed computing with Dagger.jl

Join on Monday 08. November 2021 CET 18:30
organized via meetup

Distributed Computing with Dagger.jl
A single machine can quickly become too weak to process all your data in time. Dagger.jl is a julia framework for out-of-core and parallel computing.

I am glad to welcome @jpsamaroo as our speaker, the main contributor of Dagger.jl. He will give an introduction and is eager to answer all your questions. The presentation will be beginner friendly. Julia professionals are welcome to join, too, and ask there in-depth questions.

• 18:30 - 19:30: Julian Samaroo: Distributed computing with Dagger.jl

• 19:30 - open end: Time for further discussion

The event is going to be online. The link will be made available 15 min before the actual start. Please join 5 min ahead, the session is going to start on-time, 08. November 2021, Monday 18:30 CET.

Looking forward to see you all,
Stephan Sahm


Monday it is already time for Distributed computing with Dagger.jl and Julian Samaroo.
See you there

Today is our meetup.

Looking forward to see you all today 18:30 CET online for Dagger.jl and distributed computing in Julia.

Stephan Sahm


We are online
join us at microsoft teams

The speaker was brilliant and we thank him for his time and the organizers for sharing the invitation. However, calling the presentation an introduction is perhaps a misnomer?
It would be helpful to indicate the prerequisites for attending such events, in this case prior experience with Dagger.jl was assumed. Thank you.

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Hey, sorry about that! It’s easy for me to forget that I know Dagger very well, so I’m sure I took many things for granted and skipped over important details. Is there anything in particular that stuck out as poorly explained? I’d be happy to explain anything here!

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Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated. Expectation management is not always easy and I will try to have a better assessment of the difficulty for Share&Code* sessions.

Now afterwards, I myself would classify the presentation as between beginner and intermediate, a bit more to intermediate (we haven’t looked into the implementation details of Dagger for example, which would definitely be professional)

*The Julia User Group Munich is currently divided into Share&Code (package presentations with invited speakers like today) and Fall-in-love-with-Julia (super beginner version, 101 introductory level, 100% by me).

Please check out the fall-in-love sessions for very very beginner friendly sessions.


here the material for today: GitHub - jpsamaroo/DaggerMeetup: Code for the Nov. 8th Julia Munish Users meetup presentation on Dagger

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Some introductory slides to set the scene and give an overview of Dagger.jl would be welcome: what are the main ideas of the package and what problem(s) does it help solve?

If the event was targetting a wider audience of interested Julia users, then the presentations should be tailored to the knowledge level of the audience.

As @schlichtanders says: expectation management is not easy.

Thank you all.

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hi there @schlichtanders I am a julia newbie and have a cunning plan to use my dual xeon 2699 v3 processors and the 128gb ram that goes with them. I want to look into using dagger.jl and wonder if you recorded your presentation? If possible could it be put onto youtube?
thank you

HI @theakson,

yes everything is recorded and I am planning to put videos on youtube soon.
There had been some problems syncronising with the Julia Channel, however I am now switching to my own channel which should simplify this process a lot. Looking forward to have it online by next week.



thank you, looking forward to it. Great of you to take the time.

I am aware also about 3 other videos on the topic of Dagger.jl. Hope it might be useful to somebody. Pls find the links below.

JuliaCon 2016 | Dagger.jl - A Framework and Scheduler for Parallel Computing | Shashi Gowda JuliaCon 2016 | Dagger.jl - A Framework and Scheduler for Parallel Computing | Shashi Gowda - YouTube

Easy, Featureful Parallelism with Dagger.jl | Julian P. Samaroo | JuliaCon2021 Easy, Featureful Parallelism with Dagger.jl | Julian P. Samaroo | JuliaCon2021 - YouTube

Easier parallel Julia workflow with Dagger.jl by Marie from WestGrid Easier parallel Julia workflow with Dagger.jl - YouTube


hi there again. Yep watched them all and lashings of good stuff. Thank you for putting them all together in one post. Samaroo’s is the one I liked as it got to grips with the core problems that Dagger.jl is attempting to address.


It is online. Thank you for your patience. Higher resolutions will be made ready by youtube soon.

enjoy :slight_smile:


thank you @schlichtanders for taking the time to do this. I’ll get right on it today. Really helps.