OneAPI FPGA support

It seems like the julia bindings for OneAPI have come a long way (very cool!)

I noticed that the current framework is validated to work with the Intel Compute Framework (which includes various Intel GPUs). Does anyone know what it would take to also support any Intel FPGAs? I imagine there are a lot of nuances with this…


At a minimum, someone with access to a compatible FPGA who is willing to help test support and fix any bugs. I’m also not aware of whether Intel’s FPGA toolchains support SPIR-V (which is what oneAPI.jl compiles Julia code to); if it does, maybe it’d be quite simple, but I doubt it (typically FPGA toolchains are absolutely bloated nightmares).

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If someone wants to work on this and access to state of the art FPGAs is a problem, please contact me. I can readily give you access to one of the largest and most modern FPGA clusters in the world.


It could be very interesting that Julia becomes an alternative to C++/SYCL for FPGA programming.

By the way, a group of Intel developers wrote a freely available book on SYCL and devoted a chapter to FPGAs.

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