On creating subpackage correctly- specific case

How do one avoid re-importing (dont want to use using dep_package_1 more than once)
a dependency in case of creating a sub-package:
situation in detail as follows:

module mypackage
using dep_package_1    # dependency
# some code inlcuded using functions in dep_package 1
    module my_subpackage
         using dep_package _1     # do not wish to do this again here 
         # some more code, under my_subpackage 1


First, why you do not want to add using dep_package_1?

However, if you do not want to do this twice, you can reexport everything of dep_package_1 in my_subpackage and then add using my_subpackage to mypackage.

It may sound silly now, but i was thinking about not writing redundant lines first.
So, if i keep the code as it is, it wouldn’t cause any performance issues ,right?
I mean using Pkg_name second time is infact more efficient/effortless compared to the first-time in julia if i am not wrong !(?)

No, it’s not. The second time will be almost instantaneous.