Old question: How to clear the custom function in Julia REPL?

How do you remove a function you have created when working in the Julia REPL? Can this be done without restarting the session?
This is an old question several years ago. I just want to check if there is new updates in Julia 1.7 on this point?

It is quite annoying to debug a function by keeping on restart the Julia REPL.

Why do you need to remove the function?

If it is only about redefining methods it shouldn’t be any problem, new methods with the same type signature as a previously existing one it will just overwrite the previous ones.


Its best to use Revise.jl for this. Put your function in a file then run using Revise; Revise.includet("thatfile.jl"), or put it in a package in which case just using Revise, YourPackage. Then edit the source file and Revise will live-update changes to it into your running session, including deleting a method if you delete it / comment it inside the source.

In a pinch you can technically also do this by hand using Base.delete_method but its not nearly as user friendly.


The overwrite seems only happens after successfully compiled. When I try to write some complex functions, I usually generate many errors, especially for multiple dispatch functions of multi-variables. I usually get lost on the debug after several errors. It seems Julia REPL also get lost. It will quite helpful if I can clear “function()” without restarting.

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Good to know Revise.jl .It is very interesting and looks helpful. Although I still fails after tried several times.
Do you know if Julia and/or vscode will add “Revise.jl” into its standard package in future?

Maybe Base.delete_method is what you want?

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