Official JuliaUp Recommendation

I opened an issue here, but maybe this is a better place to ask. Basically, my company is very strict about what they approve to be installed on our computers. Right now, if we request to install Julia, they remote into our computers and download the binary from That’s fine enough. However, I would really like for them to approve the Windows Store version of 1.8 so that we can get Juliaup installed.

I was asked to provide evidence that this is the “recommended” way to install Julia on Windows machines, but I can’t find anything except @davidanthoff 's presentation on Juliaup at JuliaCon.

If I’m right that this is the best way to install Julia right now, then I’m wondering if anyone could update the Julia download page to explicitly recommend the Windows Store install.

edit: I know this is a little silly. Thanks for your consideration :sweat_smile:

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It’s not yet ready to be the recommended way but it wants to be in the near future.
See this thread too: Looking for feedback from users that currently can't install Juliaup from the Windows Store

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Alright! Thanks for the context.

@oheil I originally thought the bugs people talked about in that thread were about the alternative installer paths, but that the MS Store version was stable. But after looking at it again, am I reading it correctly that Juliaup itself is not quite ready for production?

Seems so, but it is already usable. Means, what is implemented works so far quite well, at least for me in my environment.

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I think it’s more that in order to function as an “officially recommended” method of installing Julia, it needs to be rock-solid, which is quite a different requirement than simply stable. Any issue with installing reflects very badly on the language itself and you want to avoid that.