Occursin strange behavior

function f(arg)
# Wrap a string with spaces between quotes
	if (isa(arg, AbstractString) || isa(arg, Symbol))
		out = string(arg)
		if (occursin(" ", out))
			out = "\"" * out * "\""

It works well when the input has blanks

julia> f("aaa bbb")
"\"aaa bbb\""

but returns nothing when it doesn’t

julia> f("aaabbb")


What are you occursin expecting to do?
It returns true/false depending on weather the the first argument is contained in the second.
In your second call that condition is not met and
the if block is not executed.
There is no return statement.
if occursin == true then the implicit return value is out (it is the last line executed except for end keywords)
if occursin == false then there is no assignment as the last line. It is the if statement. Then nothing is returned instead.

I suggest adding a return out at the end.

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You are right, but I was expecting that when occursin == false the previous assignment (out = string(arg) was the last one and that value should be the return value