Nuklear.jl - A Julia wrapper for Nuklear?



Nuklear is graphical user interface toolkit written in ANSI C.
It’s a single header library written in C89 (ANSI C), with small codebase (~18kLOC)
It’s focussed on portability, efficiency and simplicity and have no dependencies.

Documentation is available at
and code at

I wonder if some people have ever considered writing a Julia wrapper for Nuklear

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This matter has been discussed before. See this topic


It’s not hard to generate Julia bindings using Clang.jl, but those backends need to be reimplemented in Julia. Since the codebase is small, should we reimplement everything in Julia? or is it possible to do a source-to-source translation using Clang.jl?


GLFW.jl, SimpleDirectMediaLayer.jl exists and seems to be maintained.
SFML.jl, DirectX.jl and Xlib.jl are currently broken for Julia 0.7/1.0
Not sure about current status of a Julia GDI and a Julia liballeg (Allegro) wrapper.


FYI, imgui also has c-bindings: