"No output" Travis failure for test that passes locally in <1 minute on Windows

Hi All,

I’m getting a no output failure for a package test in Travis with Julia 1.3 in Windows. There is no failure for Julia 1.2 on Windows, and tests pass in 1.2 and 1.3 for Mac and Linux.

To be sure, I did test locally on a Windows 10 machine with Julia 1.3, and the tests passed, so I know it has to be a problem with Travis. Here is the output from Travis.

I also discovered that it has something to do with parallel processing, implemented in these lines of code.

Parallel processing works fine in Travis in Julia 1.3 on Windows with different options enabled (i.e. different configurations) for my program, and the no output failure only occurs when using parallel processing with conditional = true, which triggers this code and some more control flow. It must be relevant, but I’m not sure how.

Any ideas what might be going on here?

Thanks for any insight or help. Please let me know what additional information or clarification I can add. Sorry that this post might be a bit sparse on details. I’m not quite sure where to start.

- Vincent

Posted dupe to travis community forum here. If solved there, will post a link here and mark as solved.

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I’m having more issues with other tests not passing due to no output (again, only on Julia 1.3 in windows on travis-ci, tests pass locally). The common denominator is multi-threading, fwiw.

I wanted to add a reply here because this is clearly a bug and it might have better visibility than the post on the Travis community forum. Not sure who maintains Julia for travis, but if anyone knows feel free to tag them here.

Here’s the other post on the travis community forum:

You will find that in the Travis logs, near the beginning.

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Thanks Tamas, I’ve tried tagging those accounts in the Travis forum but two of them don’t exist unfortunately.