No documentation for DataType

Surprisingly, I found there is no documentation for DataType. Considering its importance (the supertype of most types), don’t you think it deserves to have some description?

-------------------------- Julia ver.1.0.2
help?> DataType
search: DataType

No documentation found.


mutable struct DataType <: Type{T}

There is, you just didn’t find it. documents the layout and fields, which is probably all you need to know, unless you are working on Julia’s internals.

The manual talks about it rather early:

Please don’t assume that all the documentation is in docstrings. A lot of it is, but conceptual issues that transcend particular types or methods are easier to document in the manual.

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@Tamas_Papp. I read the document and it was helpful. Thanks.

One nice feature of Julia is you can learn the language quickly using RERL so I still think even a brief docstring for DataType can be useful. For instance, I can see UnionAll has the following one so why not for DataType?


A union of types over all values of a type parameter. UnionAll is used
to describe parametric types where the values of some parameters are
not known.


Certainly — I was merely pointing out the documentation. Perhaps you could make a make a PR.