New project

Hi, I just started with Julia after migrating from Matlab. I am wondering how to go about it. I have currently Julia installed and running in my windows terminal plus VS code. I want to know how to have a workspace window in VScode?
How to run a script and not individual blocks/cells of code?
Is defining functions similar to Python or Matlab?
If I have multiple files in my project and a main file to execute them altogether, how should I start?
Any guidance is appreciated.

Welcome to Julia!

Have you watched a tutorial, such as the Intro to Julia (1.0) video listed here?:

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Actually check out

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Thank you for the links. I will go through them for sure.

I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve used the translator (it’s helpful but not perfect):

It might be helpful to know you can call from Julia to MATLAB to reuse code (but not to Octave? that would be useful): GitHub - JuliaInterop/MATLAB.jl: Calling MATLAB in Julia through MATLAB Engine

While that package works for current Julia, this one doesn’t (you can still download and use older Julia to use with it or even better help upgrade that package):


Thanks for your suggestions. I cannot open/access the tutorials section. Any work around?


Check JuliaMatlab organization. We have all the Matlab related repositories there:

Specially MatLang library if you need some functions:

Check this tutorial too: