Networking and streams: TCP socket echo not received

With version 0.6.3 official, in the latest docs I am following the section on the simple TCP example, specifically the echo server. While the code runs without error, the connection is established and “TCPSocket(RawFD(25) open, 0 bytes waiting)” response received, the echo does not come back to the client. Is there perhaps some buffering happening? I have tried flushing, but buffer appears to be empty on the client side at least.

I just tried with the version 0.7 alpha and the echo is returned correctly to the client there. At least the first query comes back correctly; there appears to be a timing issue for subsequent requests in the REPL where the following “julia” prompt precedes the echo. So some not so subtle change occurred from 0.6.3 to 0.7 related to moving code to Sockets.