NetCDF error

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on TRMM 3B43 netcdf data (OPeNDAP Hyrax: Contents of /TRMM_L3/TRMM_3B43.7/). I have downloaded the monthly data and from these, I tried to generate the annual average precipitation. I 've created new netcdf files, one for each year, to where I’m gonna put the annual average precipitation. But, upon writing the data, the netcdf package throws an error:

ERROR: LoadError: Start + Count exceeds dimension length in dimension lat

Any help would be appreciated.

Please make a minimal example (only include the lines really needed to produce the error, last line will be the error) and post a link to the relevant netcdf file.

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We need credentials for the files. Hence, it’s difficult to help you here unless you provide the file (which might be outside their license).

From the error message I would say that you are trying to write out of bounds. If your lat dimension is 180 long and you start writing at index 140 and try to write 90 values, then you will get an error like this.