Neovim diagnostics with nvim-lspconfig

I have been using nvim-lspconfig with nvim-comp for the last months and it has been working fine. Recently though, I had some problems which were solved by updating to NVIM v0.6.1 and adding the master branches of LanguageServer, SymbolServer, StaticLint, CSTParser.

Up untill now I was using vim.lsp.diagnostic.show_line_diagnostics() to get diagnostic messages. But this got deprecated in this nvim version in favor of vim.diagnostic.open_float(). I tried using it (together with vim.diagnostic.get(),, vim.diagnostic.enable()), but I don’t get any diagnostic messages.

Other than that the julials lsp server seems to work fine, without errors.

Any suggestions ?

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Just ran into this today. I have updated my bound keymapping in whichkey to this and it is working fine for me again without warning.

{ "<cmd>lua vim.diagnostic.open_float()<CR>", "Line diagnostic" }

More detailed information can be found in the docblocks of the source code: neovim/diagnostic.lua at master · neovim/neovim · GitHub

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Okey. Everything works normal (using vim.diagnostic.open_float() ) when in the root folder there is a Project.toml and a Manifest.toml file.

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