Need RaspberryPi - ARM Julia package testers



Thank you for all your work on this. Getting Julia running on an RPi really opens up the possibility for wider deployment of the language.


Also, do see the JuliaBerry organization:


Julia in Raspbian now. You can see Julia in here:

And also do see Ben Nuttall’s tweet:

And the screenshots he posted:



How RPi specific this package is? Would it be worth to try it on e.g. OrangePi?


It’ll probably work but will have worse performance than the generic Linux binary.


I installed Julia via apt on two Raspberry Pi 3’s running fully update Jessie distros. On one it ran without problem and on the other I get a segmentation fault.

What can I do to find the problem?


Please open an issue, including the output that you get.

It would also be useful if you can run it with a debugger: see these instructions (I believe julia-debug should be included in the package)


I finally got around to trying it but couldn’t find julia-debug on the Raspberry Pi.


I might have removed it to keep the binary small. It is there in the stock

For 0.6 we could bring back julia-debug if deemed important.