Need help with Reactive possible bug?

In a project I am working on, I have a situation where the logic is very elegantly expressed
using Reactive programming… Basically I have a signal that I need to respond to , that signal undergoes 3 different
transformations to produce 3 child signals a,b,c ,these in turn get propagated to be further transformed ad comsumed in a different part of the program.
I have another signal d
that I am binding it to signal a , but upon user input I may want to change the binding to b or c.

Reading through the docs , this seems straight fwd using the bind! unbind! methods… but it seems that unbind! doesn’t work!! or I am doing something wrong…

julia> using Reactive

julia> x=Signal(0)
Signal{Int64}(0, nactions=0)

julia> y = Signal(1)
Signal{Int64}(1, nactions=0)

julia> bind!(y,x,false)

julia> push!(x,10)

julia> value(y)

julia> unbind!(y,x,true)

julia> push!(x,1000)

julia> value(y)


As you can see from the example the value of y changed even though it was un-binded.

I posted an issue in the github of the package, but there seems to be very little activity there…
I was under the impression that Reactive is an important package in julian space … I tried figuring it out on my own
so far with little success…any help from you wizards will be greatly appreciated

Looks like you found the problem. Awesome!