Need help understanding best practices to organise projects with many scripts

Hi all,

This is a general question, which could be asked in a broader arena, but I wanted to see what people do to keep projects organised.

I often, with the best of intentions, start with a clean basic template of folders: src,fig,data for my project.

If I am doing data science/ML this work well, and if I am generating data through solving diff eq, I can use the same basic flow.

My problem comes when I start adding scripts or subfolders and it just get to a point where I have to spend in hour getting my head in the game. I am just curious if there some method people use to stay productive faster.


I recently started playing around with DrWatson, and it seems extremely nice so far (up to some rough edges).

Also, personally (even from before trying out DrWatson) I’ve found it extremely helpful to include a date prefix (YYYY-MM-DD_) in the filenames of all scripts and notebooks.

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