Need help in solving my assignment

Hi everyone, I have a linear regression task to be completed using flux package. Any one to help .

Problem 1.

Consider the real estate dataset in Bruce | Contributor | Kaggle
real-estate-price-prediction. Your task is to implement a linear re-
gression model using a multi-layer perceptron (MLP) and the Ridge regular-
isation in the Julia programming language. You will use the Flux package
for the artificial neural network

Could you share what you have tried, what did not work, or what you didn’t understand?


I hope citing the documentation isn’t considered too much of a help.


To be sincere, I’m completely new using Julia.

I was given this assignment to try which I must submit tomorrow.

Could you be of help??

I’ll be very glad.

The documentation was in python while I was given to solve the same problem using Julia.

Could you be of help??
Thank you for your sincere response.

Did you follow the link I posted?

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How the hell a teacher would give just one day for a student without previous knowledge of a language to do such task.


But I seem to remember that some people (like me) start a bit late…

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Got it!!

I need help completely, I need someone to do it for me.

I can’t work around Julia.
I need to submit this assignment before tomorrow.

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@habeebadeyemi it is unlikely you are going to get someone to do it for you in 1 day. Your best bet is to email the professor, ask for an extension, and try to take the necessary time to understand how to do it in Julia.