NCP-function implementation (ifelse)

Hi, I’m trying to implement a model with constraints based on an NCP-function (continuous & differentiable) and put it into an NLP solver such as IPOPT:

@constraint(m, f(x,y) <= 0)


f(x,y) := xy               if x+y >= 0
          -0.5(x^2 + y^2 ) if x+y  < 0 

Can I get some hints on how to implement such constraints on JuMP if it’s possible?

You could write a normal Julia function for f, and then call JuMP.register and @NLconstraint, see

@constraint(model, ifelse(x + y >= 0, x*y, -0.5*(x^2 + y^2)) <= 0) is another way. If you can avoid user-defined functions, it’s better to do so because registering multivariate user-defined functions disables hessian computations.

This works great. Thank you very much!