NamedTuples build fails (SOLVED)

Any idea why this is happening? I assumed NamedTuples was OK under 1.0.1

Julia has named tuples built in since 0.7, so i assume its not maintained anymore!


Yes, you’re right, it’s in base. I shouldn’t have done a ] add. Perhaps a warning could be emitted to stop this happening, basically a downgrade. (So many small gotchas in transferring from 0.6.4 to 1.0.x, I’ve put it off until I thought it was safe to do the jump!)

The safest way to jump to 1.0 is via 0.7. 0.7 will give you the warnings you want, although in this particular case it would just have warned you about syntax errors in NamedTuples (while still working), not that you should use the named tuples in Base instead.

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