Mysterious error message when terminating a HTTP.jl server

  • Julia 1.7.2
  • HTTP.jl 0.9.17

I’m using HTTP.jl to write a microservice running on GCP Cloud Run. I noticed in the logs that when the process is terminated an error message shows up, apart from the “Terminated” message:

signal (15): Terminated
in expression starting at /app/main.jl:25
unknown function (ip: 0x3ec8795e2413)
unknown function (ip: 0)
Allocations: 3992569 (Pool: 3991092; Big: 1477); GC: 5

I can’t reproduce this locally. Everything seems to be running fine, but it bothers me to have an apparent error message that I’d just like to get rid off, or explain. Anybody has any ideas?

main.jl:25 is the start of the HTTP.serve(myaddr, myport) do request::HTTP.Request block, similar to the example code in the HTTP.jl github page.