Mux.jl mysterious d() function

Where is this d() function defined? I can’t find it in Mux.jl, or HTTP.jl.

julia-1.1> using Mux

julia-1.1> @which Mux.d()
d(xs...) in Lazy at /home/me/.julia/packages/Lazy/ZAeCx/src/macros.jl:241

Yeah, the name of this function really bugged the crap out of me when I first started working on some features for Mux. It could really stand to be removed from Mux entirely (and probably deprecated and renamed in Lazy.jl).

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params = Lazy.d() would be a big improvement. But, the definition is d(xs...) = Dict{Any, Any}(xs...). So, an even bigger improvement would be to write Dict directly.

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Lazy.jl is named as such for a reason :slight_smile: