Multiple Binaries from one Project

Hi, lovely community

I am on the journey to port one of my projects to Julia, and I like to export several binaries under one umbrella.

The background of this is, so that you can better understand, that my fish shell doesn’t like calling functions out of functions, since it always calls out a new shell instance.

And I would like to replace some of these calls with Julia binaries.

Now, you see these commands on the left, like package_is_not_available, are calling the commands on the right. It seems like overkill, to create a different project for a single line of code, so I like to have all these abstractions in one project, and then export single, individual binaries, so I can call them individually.

And yes, I guess I can do that with --handles, but I don’t want to do that :smiley:

I am currently reading into BinaryBuilder, and the documentation about modules, since I think this might be related.

Can BinaryBuilder export indivdidual modules?
Or do you know another way, to do this sanely?