MTK & Standard Library & independent variable, etc

Thanks for all help with MTK so far – I’m learning quite a bit just by posing the questions…

In Modelica, the independent variable has to be denoted time, and time differentiation is der().

In MTK, the choice of independent variable and differentiation operator is more flexible, partly due to MTK having a wider scope (e.g., also handling PDEs).

Questions [somewhat overlapping]:

  • Is there a standard choice of time variable and time differentiation in MTK Standard Library? E.g., @variables t and D = Differential(t)?
  • If so, should these be defined in the REPL/global namespace? What happens if I, e.g., use Dt = Differential(t) in my own “re-usable” model units? Will that cause a problem? If D = Differential(t) is assumed in MTK SL blocks, will that leave D undefined?
  • … if I define Dt = Differential(t) in my own units, that causes no problems if the differential D = Differential(t) is explicitly defined in the MTK SL unit/block, right?
  • It would be more problematic to choose different names for the independent variable for time in different units such as my own units and those from MTK SL, right? Suppose MTK SL uses t for time and I for some strange reason go for \tau in my own unit, I assume that will cause a problem?

Not yet, but we’ll be changing this soon so there is a standard.