MTK: scaling of variables in plot

Suppose the solution sol from simulating an MTK model contains state x and observable variable y.

I can then plot x with either of the following commands:

plot(sol, idxs = x)
# or
plot(sol, idxs = [x])

If I want to plot both x and y as functions of time t, I do

plot(sol, idxs = [x,y])

If I instead want a parametric plot, I do

plot(sol, idxs = (x,y))
# or
plot(sol, idxs = [(x,y)])

I can also plot the time function x as the “parametric plot”

plot(sol, idxs = (t,x))

If I want to scale variables in time plots, I can do, e.g.,

plot(sol, idxs = [x/1e5, y*1e3])
  • What if I want to scale both time and variable? I have tried with:
plot(sol, idxs = (t/60, x/1e5))

but this crashes.

  • Question: What is the correct way to scale both variables in a parametric plot?

Open an issue, we need to update the time handling stuff.

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Ok. Will do tomorrow. [I thought I just didn’t know how to do it.]

Seems to have been fixed. Thanks a lot!