Mpirun and julia

Hi All,
I try to start julia v 0.5.1-pre on a compute node with two 12-cores Haswells and 128 GB shared memory. OS is Scientific Linux release 6.8. Th julia is compiled with gnu/5.3.0.
If I start julia on more than 15 MPI-Processes, I get the following errors:

$mpirun -n 24 julia  any_script.jl
error during init:
signal (15): Terminated

After some research I found out that the error occurs in the initialization phase of julia (_/src/init.c:void _julia_init(JL_IMAGE_SEARCH rel)_ ), namely when loading jl_options.image_file:
_724: jl_restore_system_image(jl_options.image_file)_;

It seems, that one of the following malloc /realloc call returns null pointer in some of the processes. How much memory does Julia need ? Is it possible to control the “bufffers/stack” sizes or is the problem elsewhere?

Thank you

In general, you can use many MPI ranks. For example, I can run the following on a Macbook Air, with 8GB RAM:

michael@yosemite:~/.julia/v0.5/MPI/examples$ mpirun -np 21 julia 07-pi-montecarlo.jl 
reps: 1000000, pihat: [3.14288]
reps: 2000000, pihat: [3.14107]
reps: 3000000, pihat: [3.14198]
reps: 4000000, pihat: [3.14209]
reps: 5000000, pihat: [3.14267]
reps: 6000000, pihat: [3.14245]
reps: 7000000, pihat: [3.14215]
reps: 8000000, pihat: [3.14174]
reps: 9000000, pihat: [3.14195]
reps: 10000000, pihat: [3.14202]

I’m using the same version of julia as you. This is on Debian testing.

Thanks for the response. How big is your swap? There is no swap on the used computed node.

8GB, but I just ran it again with swap disabled.