Moving camera then saving picture in Makie


I visualise 3d scenes with Makie. Moving the camera (either with rotate_cam! or with update_cam!) only seems to works from the REPL or when saving an animation: as soon as the scene is evaluated, it returns to the original camera position, despite the exclamation mark. Therefore I cannot, for instance, rotate the camera then save the rotated scene to a PNG file. What is the proper way to, say, rotate then save the resulting scene to a PNG file?



Try, = false, before saving… this is half a bug :wink: but, try master of makie & abstractplotting… I fixed a few related issues, maybe i magically also fixed this one :wink:



Thanks a lot, = false does the trick. Otherwise it still centers the scene at each evaluation also with the master branches of Makie and AbstractPlotting.